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In this small space, I will share with you all my passion.
I'm not very good, but I delight in creating wallpapers, themes, and customizations for Pc and even a little something for a few Android handhelds.
Of course everything will go very slowly, because the time at my disposal is very little.
I hope to please some of you.
For now, I wish you a pleasant stay on my little blog is still empty.


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In questo piccolo spazio,cercherò di condividere con tutti voi; la mia Passione.
Non sono molto bravo, ma mi diletto nel creare wallpapers ,temi e personalizzazioni per Pc e qualcosina anche per alcuni palmari Android.
Naturalmente il tutto andrà molto a rilento , in quanto il tempo che ho a disposizione è veramente poco.
Spero di fare cosa gradita a qualcuno di voi.
Per adesso vi auguro una buona permanenza sul mio piccolo e ancora vuoto Blog.
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Ghnomix Theme for Linux

2300 icons in svg 
Created with Inkscape ,in Linux.
Don’t MODIFY this work !
Don’t USE in commercial purpose !
Give CREDIT by linking back to the creator !

Added 750 icons
Fixed 263 icons
Added font “sf-fedora” (thanks shyfonts- [link])



Start of construction.
Builder theme, designed the first icons.

Added folders: stock status, places, emblems

Added folders: mimetypes, categories, animation

Adding folder: actions (copied from the original theme of Gnome)

Added some icons, icons tablets adjusted, adjusted home icon

Adding folder: apps

From 12/01/2012 to 06/02/2012
Added many icons in folders: apps, mimetypes,
Season with a lot of icons, other icons lightened.


Uploaded on Theme package (Ghnomix) on Deviantart and GnomeLook.


Added 750 icons
Adjust, 236 icons.
Redrawn, 52 icons.
Added applications for Fedora, Ubuntu.
Added icons for KDE and Xfce.
Added font sf_Fedora_ for better visualization of the inscriptions on icons.

1- Extract the 7zip file anywhere;
2- Extract all files tar.gz extracted from 7zip file;

To Gnome workspace, go to your personal folder and enable viewing of hidden files, move the folders created in the last extraction to “.icons” (without quotes) directory (create this if there no).

- To KDE workspace, go to your personal folder and enable viewing of hidden files, go to .kde/share/icons and move the folders created in the last extraction;

- To all workspaces and users, move as root the folders created in the last extraction to /usr/share/icons;

Inspired on :
Other Screenshot : (GnomeLook)


Download SoftPedia:[link]
Download GnomeLook:[link]
Download Devianart:[link]
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